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15th August 1961

Hello Sweetheart,

This will be my last letter to you from Cyprus and to tell you the truth I am very glad it is.  Time is passing so quickly now that I hardly have time to sit down and think.

Today has been very eventful in that I started the clearance procedure from the station.  This entails wandering around with a blue chit and having my name crossed off various registers etc.  I have handed in all my K.D. uniform to stores, so it only remains for me to pack up and go.

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11th August 1961


Sorry that I haven’t written for some time but have been kept extremely busy what with one thing or another.

Our touring the island trip over the weekend went off marvellously. I think that I will always remember those few days.

On the first day we went up to the Troodos Mountains stopping at a village called Platres.  It is a charming place, set in excellent surroundings. A place where visitors to Cyprus always head.  We had a few drinks and a walk around noting the cool mountain streams that seemed to rush from the pine covered mountains above, down through the village on for an unknown destination.  The effect of such a spot seems to bestow peace on oneself.

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2nd August 1961

Hello darling,

It’s me again with even less days to the great day. Received another masterpiece from you this morning. It certainly put me in a fine mood. xx

Went swimming this afternoon down by the rocks. It was pretty rough there but being a brave, dashing (lying) fool I ventured in. I’ve got courage I haven’t even used yet. By the way, perhaps you ought to widen the door at your house – my head, you know, big, very big!

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30th July 1961

Hello beautiful,

That’s the way to start a letter, with a good honest remark. Another good honest remark is this ‘ere erk will set foot in Essex in just twenty one days time. Am feeling very happy with life just now. All the time I can imagine myself holding you once again. You know Maureen, it’s not my father, friends or relations I am looking forward to, just Maureen Brown, that girl of my dreams. Xx

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28th July 1961

Hello darling,

Only another twenty-three days before this frustrated airman is let loose on English soil again. I don’t suppose I need to tell you that your buddy is very excited about seeing you again even more so after receiving your latest charming letter.

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24th July 1961

Hello again,

Here I am as per usual pondering on how to let you know the good news in the most amount of pages. Should reach at least six pages tonight provided I write a load of uninteresting rubbish.

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18th July 1961

Hello darling,

It’s a hot sunny day. I’ve about 50 days to do in the RAF and I have to reply to about 40 odd pages of your latest letters. That is the general situation at the moment and the only thing worrying in me is what to write about.

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