30th April 1961

April 30th 1961



Your letter came as rather a shock, yet strangely enough I am not annoyed with you in any way.  Although we may have stopped writing to each other I am sure our love is still there, perhaps hidden for a few months.

I sincerely hope that we can be together again by late August and living life together as per those ‘magic’ days of January.

Don’t feel bad about your recent actions darling.  It is not an unnatural desire to have a good time whilst still young.  I believe in the old saying, ‘you only live once.’ And I wouldn’t dream of telling anybody else any different.

Maureen, in life you only meet one right person for marriage.  I reckon we are meant for each other and I am looking forward to knocking on the door of ** Parsloes Avenue again to claim my bride.

Afraid I must admit that letter writing is rather a ‘bind’ for me and in a way I’m glad that I no longer have to sit for ages wracking my brains for something interesting to write.

However, I reckon I’m gonna miss your charming, chatty and very interesting letters but August isn’t so far away now.

Please give my best regards to your parents and sister.  Think I had better close now darling. Remember that I will always love you no matter what happens.

All my love,


ps  Home address is *** Milton Avenue, East Ham.

See ya!

Letters from Alan Week 17: 23rd April - 2nd May 1961

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