Category: Week 30: 30th July – 2nd August 1961

30th July 1961

Hello beautiful,

That’s the way to start a letter, with a good honest remark. Another good honest remark is this ‘ere erk will set foot in Essex in just twenty one days time. Am feeling very happy with life just now. All the time I can imagine myself holding you once again. You know Maureen, it’s not my father, friends or relations I am looking forward to, just Maureen Brown, that girl of my dreams. Xx

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30th July 1961

Darling Alan,

Isn’t life just too wonderful? Three weeks, two days and wow!........

And there are only four days before things begin to move up to that big climax. Honestly I have never been so excited or felt so wonderful in all my life. I’m definitely in a ‘glad to be alive’ mood. I love everybody but one person most of all. Everything has worked out so well, I can’t believe it. If you come home on the 22nd that means I’ll still have three days of my holiday left. I hope you fancy sight-seeing cos as much as I’d like to spend those three days alone with you I still have to think of Lena’s holiday.

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2nd August 1961

Hello darling,

It’s me again with even less days to the great day. Received another masterpiece from you this morning. It certainly put me in a fine mood. xx

Went swimming this afternoon down by the rocks. It was pretty rough there but being a brave, dashing (lying) fool I ventured in. I’ve got courage I haven’t even used yet. By the way, perhaps you ought to widen the door at your house – my head, you know, big, very big!

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