Category: Week 27: 10th – 14th July 1961

10th July 1961

Hello again,

Maureen thanks a lot for your most informative, interesting and extremely pleasing letter.  It has had me wishing twice as hard that the next forty-five days would soon be just a memory of the past.  I must congratulate you on being amazingly frank and to the point at all times – you are quite a girl in my book. 

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10th July 1961

Darling Alan,

I’m afraid I am feeling terribly lonely and unwanted and really frustrated.  This staying in nonsense is driving me round the bend.  Goodness knows what sort of state I’d have been in if I’d have stayed in for the whole seven months.

I’ve decided, you’ll probably get an awful shock when you come home.  I reckon I’ve changed a lot since January. 

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11th July 1961

Hello darling,

It’s pretty warm here this evening.  What with that and the soft romantic music being played over the steam radio, well, it’s a perfect atmosphere for love and all that.  Wish you were right here now Maureen.  We could pop down to the beach for a midnight swim.

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14th July 1961

Hiya Honey!

Outside the wind is howling fit to bust and the rain is pouring down and it’s absolutely freezing.  It’s just like a January evening and to prove it you ought to see the fire dad’s built up.  It’s making me feel luverly and cosy.  I told them I didn’t mind staying up for a while to make sure it burnt down alright.  They didn’t think much of my suggestion though.  Can’t think why.

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