Category: The beginning: 1st – 9th January 1961

My diary entries from the week I first met Alan in 1961.

1st January 1961

Felt so tired after the ‘Tec dance last night. I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the hospital with Mum to visit Nan. It’s a good job I didn’t as Marjorie and Bill came to the house to talk about the wedding and to officially ask Jennifer to be bridesmaid.

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2nd January 1961

Jean came in from work to say she couldn’t come to the Bowling Alley as arranged. Her brother John and his wife Dorothy were going to Dorothy’s mother and Jean’s Mum was having funny turns again. She said she had seen Marj on the train tonight and had been invited to attend the shopping expedition on Saturday.

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4th January 1961

Went to the Palais with Carol and Jane. Discovered Jane works at the Bank as well, in Div Prep. Danced with this blond chap almost as soon as we got there, which I thought was rather good as I danced before the other two.

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5th January 1961

Boy! What a day at work. All I’ve done is talk about Alan and nobody told me to shut up, which is quite unusual. I had a frantic fit in the afternoon of being sure he wouldn’t turn up tomorrow. Well, here’s hoping!

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6th January 1961

Didn’t today go slowly! Dead on the stroke of 6.30 there was a knock on the door and he’d arrived. Y’know, I think this is the one for me but only time can tell definitely. What chokes me is that he is flying back to Cyprus next Tuesday afternoon.

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7th January 1961

Derek didn’t come to the house until 2.30 and then I was out shopping and I didn’t come back until after he’d gone. Still, he fixed the stuff ok.

We all went to C & A to get the bridal stuff for Marje. We had a marvellous time.

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8th January 1961

I feel absolutely awful and I don’t know whether to look forward to tomorrow or not.

Mum and I went to the hospital to see Nan. Uncle George, Aunt Win and the two boys were also visitors. John is a sweet little kid. When we got home Jennifer said Alan had called to speak to me.

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9th January 1961

I left the office at 1 pm not knowing whether I’d be going home by myself or with very pleasant company. Then everything, sort of, ‘broke’ upon me.

Pat and I were waiting in the corridor for Margaret Cooke when she came dashing towards us, gasping out her ‘great news’. There had been a phone call from the lobby, someone was waiting for me there!

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