The Concept

To blend together the traditional means of communication with modern technology to present letters as a weekly blog in real time 58 years after they were written.

Alan and I met in January 1961 when he was home on Christmas leave from the RAF. He had to return to Cyprus within 6 days of our meeting.  We corresponded until he was demobbed in August of that year.

This week's letters Putting the two sets of letters together – 96 in total – with my diaries, I realised I had invaluable source material which covered social attitudes of the time together with national and international events.  The first man went into space that year.  The first Kuwait emergency and Cuba and Castro figured in the news and were mentioned in the letters.

Throughout there is a love story and the building of a relationship.

To give another layer, links to music from the 60s have been added.  Some titles are mentioned in the letters and other songs with lyrics that are evocative and appropriate are colour coded to be attributed to one of us.

With old black and white photographs I hope to build a complete story.

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