Category: Week 2: 16th – 21st January 1961

16th January 1961

Darling Alan,

I have been in such a marvellous mood all day, it hasn’t seemed like a Monday. I got your letter this morning. It was so nice. I think I could have cried if I hadn’t been on the train.

The weekend has been so boring yet when I look back on it, it hasn’t been any different from the weekends before I knew you. It doesn’t seem possible that there was ever a time before I knew you.

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18th January 1961

My dearest Maureen,

Hello! Thanks a lot for that marvellous letter of yours. It beats me how you manage to express yourself so well, but you do and I love every word of it.

I’m not so hot at writing so I have decided that if I write what happens each day then it’s pretty sure you will get more than a miserable 2 pages, so here goes.

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18th January 1961


Your letter was waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. I liked it better than the first one cos it sounded more like you.

We had quite some excitement at work today. We had to fill in a funny little form giving our first, second and third choices of holidays – that was ages ago now. This morning a few girls were called in to see the principal and were told that they can’t have their choice.

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21st January 1961


All my mates have gone out tonight which is a good thing really for it enables me to sit down and write without being disturbed. All I can hear at the moment is my little clock plus the howling wind outside.

Had a pleasant surprise this morning and it was all due to another letter from you. It surprised me because I had only received your previous one yesterday. So now I have to reply to a total of 15 pages which is a big job for poor old me, still, I’ll do my best.

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