Category: Week 9: 3rd – 7th March 1961

4th March 1961

My dearest Maureen,

Life has been very interesting this past week in one way and another and it has really flown by. I attended an Entertainments Committee meeting down at the Squadron and everything went off pretty smoothly from my point of view because I was in one of my talkative moods and once I start there is no holding me (like most things.) It was a fair ole meeting and many suggestions were put forward (but I didn’t take the hint and leave) before we finalised a fancy-dress dance at Easter.

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3rd-4th March 1961

Darling Alan,

I got in from dancing an hour ago and my feet are killing me still. I’ll just have to buy another pair of shoes. I’ve decided It’s impossible to get size 9 feet into size 5 shoes. (That is a joke.)

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5th March 1961

Hello dear!

I felt a bit hungry at 10.30 tonight and decided to make two of my special dishes, a steamed egg and cheese with tinned spaghetti on a toasted cheese sandwich. It was alright while I was making it. But by the time I had finished I didn’t feel so hungry somehow. Nevertheless, I ate it. After all the insulting noises that this lot were making I had to.

Dad and I had another session of gin rummy last night. He beat me as usual but I am improving. I had him worried once or twice.

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7th March 1961


Has been rather a hectic day today so was more than pleased to receive your (my) letter which always chases away the blues. Have been working fairly hard this past few weeks. The new Adjutant has been passing quite a lot of his work onto me. He is pretty hopeless at his job so he just passes the buck all the time. We are the only qualified persons for the job on the Squadron.

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