7th March 1961

March 7th 1961




Has been rather a hectic day today so was more than pleased to receive your (my) letter which always chases away the blues.  Have been working fairly hard this past few weeks. The new Adjutant has been passing quite a lot of his work onto me. He is pretty hopeless at his job so he just passes the buck all the time.  We are the only qualified persons for the job on the Squadron. The sergeant is not acquainted with the organisation and registry side of administration so the Adj just bypasses him now. It makes it hard on me now because the Adj is most inefficient and his favourite expression is, ‘could you do this for me’.  Me being an erk can’t argue with him but merely shrug my shoulders and press on regardless. It’s not that I detest extra work but one of these bright days yours truly will drop a big clanger at work and receive a rocket from my dear friend the Adj. Let’s face it, he is a right bum even though he is playing it cool.

Saw a great film Sunday night starring the well-known funny man Danny Kaye, in that well-known film ‘the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.’ Yes folks, a truly great, just my type, ‘goon type’ film.  This is an old film as you know. I’ve heard quite a bit about it in the past and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

All I seem to be doing lately is playing cards.  Maybe it’s because of the cold weather out here in little old Cyprus.  Paddy and myself are undisputed Whist champions in the block due to a fine understanding in our respective play.  We generally challenge opponents to a set of twelve hands for 6d each per man, per victory. However since no body was keen to lose further cash, we have now split our partnership and have since been in conflict with each other.  In this game you have to count the cards in each suit that have gone, as well as playing the trump at the best time. The timing of the trumps depends very largely on what kind of ‘back hand’ one has plus the number of trumps held.  All this sounds highly technical but actually is dead easy and a much better game than gin rummy. So far in the Paddy plus partners v Alan plus partners series, we are playing very close hands, which has resulted in an overall draw to date.

Tonight did verily play ye olde gin rummy with the new bod (with 2 and half tour to do).  He beat me well and truly (I thought). Then, just before he left for the cinema he confessed his terrible, unforgivable sin, he had cheated. Yes!  The bum was playing from the reflection of my cards from the wall mirror behind me. Mind you, I was a right nit and should have known better than to position myself so.


The chap Pete who has been in hospital these past few weeks was released today.  He looks happy, healthy and very relaxed. It makes me feel like going to hospital on some excuse just for a good rest.  It’s all go for poor old me lately. As soon as Pete arrived back he pulled out en bottles of booze and drank a bottle of Keo Commandaria straight off, there and then!  I had some Drambuie . All I know is that it was more than strong and I felt the stuff hitting my stomach, bang!

Madam, this is the question and answer column.  RAF types with strange propellers on sleeves. Well, darling, it they are two prong propellers it means they. hold the lowly rank of L.A.C. Leading Aircraftman.  Three propellers means the highly acclaimed rank of Senior Aircraftman S.A.C.

Oh dear, it’s late.  Will close now honeychild, goodnight and godbless.  Remember this Alan of yours is devoted to you and loves you more than ever.




Letters from Alan Week 9: 3rd - 7th March 1961

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