9th March 1961

March 9th 1961


Maureen you are an angel and I love you and those book-type letters of yours.  Just you wait and be-jeebers I’ll be writing over 20 pages with a bit of luck.

Saw the Messing Officer this today.  He called me over and explained his future servery plans in detail.  After listening to what he had to say I congratulated him on his fine work these past few weeks.  He went all shy like a small boy, saying it was good to receive praise at last. Must hand it to the chap, he is really doing his best for us lads, sacrificing his personal time to be on duty.  The lads are dead chuffed over the present conditions and at present I’m receiving undeserved praise. Anyway, chicken salad is certainly a big change from sausages and beans.

Just ask old big ‘ead here who won at cards yet again.  Am I good? or is it luck – who can answer that question but me – I’m good!  [Stops for applause and the combing of the large dome on shoulders.) No kidding you, in one hand of gin rummy I scored 275 points against that bum who beat me by cheating the other night.  Guess who cheated that time?

On Sunday will be visiting Paphos with the newly formed Go-Kart Supporters Club.  The trip is entirely free as you may have gathered and should be pretty interesting for me seeing that I’ve never been to that particular part of Cyprus.  Must remember to take my camera, might see something of interest. Let you know all about my adventure in next week’s exciting letter. This Daddy’s a cool way-out cat man.

The last sentence was copied from a Russian newspaper cutting explaining the capitalist habit of drinking sauce (Daddys) on cold winter nights.  Believe that and you’re crazy, just like the originator of this masterpiece.

The lads have been trying to get me drunk tonight with the liquor left over from Pete’s 21st birthday party.  I’ve had a few but am still thinking clearly although it made me very tired.  Not quite sure if it the booze or that darn paraffin stove that is making me tired.  Am inclined to think it’s the stove. Must be because I’m usually happy after a few drinks.

My mate at work was charged for skiving off on Thursday afternoons.  For some time now he has been leaving the section saying he was going to Education Lessons.  The sergeant found out that he hasn’t been near the Education Section for months. Which was tough luck on my mate because he is now doing seven days restrictions.

That’s all for now darling.  Sorry it’s so very short but my mates are noisy creatures and you know how men can talk (with tongues!)

Goodnight my darling.  I love you and can’t wait til August.

Love Alan

Letters from Alan Week 10: 9th - 12th March 1961

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