Category: Week 4: 31st January – 5th February 1961

31st January 1961

Dear Lena,

I was very pleased indeed to receive your letter this morning. I do hope we can make suitable arrangements so you can come and stay with us. I am getting excited about it already.

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1st February 1961

Hello Maureen.

This is the ‘old bonfire’ reporting from Cyprus, feeling rather warm and passionate tonight so I thought if I can’t be with her then I’ll make do by writing. If that makes sense to you then kindly let me know – I’m lost.

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1st February 1961

My darling Alan,

I was so pleased to get your letter today. I have been worrying because I haven’t heard from you for a week. I knew you were going skiing last weekend and I have been imagining all the terrible things that might have happened to you.

I was being silly I know, but it really brought home to me how awful life would be if I never saw you again.

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4th February 1961

My dearest Maureen,

The trouble in your house is your poor dad is outnumbered by three to one. Poor man doesn’t stand a chance and when Lena comes, oh dear! He has had it completely, won’t be able to get a word in edgeways.

Went to see Psycho last night. It was very good with typical Alfred Hitchcock suspense.

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5th February 1961

Darling Alan,

It has definitely been one of those weekends and I am feeling terribly sentimental and lonely so watch out for a very drooly letter.

I was ever so pleased that you mentioned the 4th in your letter. That is just something else to prove we think alike, cos I mentioned it as well – remember?

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