Category: Week 31: 6th – 11th August 1961

6th August 1961


This probably won’t make much sense because I never can concentrate properly unless I have perfect quiet. It is Sunday morning – imagine Sunday morning and me up!- and the house seems to be full of people.  So Lena and I have retreated to the bedroom to write letters.

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9th August 1961

Darling Alan,

Thanks for the last letter, number 45.

I’ve still got nothing else to write about except Lena.  She’s a pet, she really is. I must get to Sweden somehow or other even if I have to swim there.  It will be awful when she leaves especially if I know I won’t see her again.

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11th August 1961


Sorry that I haven’t written for some time but have been kept extremely busy what with one thing or another.

Our touring the island trip over the weekend went off marvellously. I think that I will always remember those few days.

On the first day we went up to the Troodos Mountains stopping at a village called Platres.  It is a charming place, set in excellent surroundings. A place where visitors to Cyprus always head.  We had a few drinks and a walk around noting the cool mountain streams that seemed to rush from the pine covered mountains above, down through the village on for an unknown destination.  The effect of such a spot seems to bestow peace on oneself.

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