Category: Week 16: 18th – 23rd April 1961

18th April 1961

Salutations oh Great Master of the …..?’

That’s as original as they come!

Now, this will really have to be shorter than usual cos I’m trying so hard to be a good girl and go to bed early.  Well, actually I didn’t get there until 1 o’clock last night and I’m dead tired.  Let’s just give the old brain a few more seconds to tick over and I’ll be well away.

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19th April 1961

Dear Diary,

After spending most of the day thinking about what to say to Michael re writing to Alan, it was a great relief when he went home without mentioning the subject at all.  Maybe it was for the best that he didn’t because I still don’t know what to say or, which is more important, what to do.

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19th April 1961


Anyone for tennis?  And all that jazz.  This afternoon yours truly took up his racquet for a few sets of this large type ping-pong game.  It was pretty good as well, in fact we quite enjoyed it and have made arrangements for a further game later this week.  It was fairly warm so we discarded our white shirts so as to catch some more suntan on our pink bodies.  ‘We,’ meaning Cliff and myself, played three sets which lasted over one and a half hours all together.  Mind you, we weren’t so fit by then.  Felt like dropping sometimes but it was a good game.  I think that I have played more tennis than him. 

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19th April 1961 – continued

The recent excitement on the world scene centres on our friend Dr Castro in dear ol’ Cuba.  So far he says he is beating the rebels.  The rebels of course insist they are winning and are sending aircraft over Havana to drop a bomb here and there.  Personally I think that Castro has the power to crush them but am hoping that it doesn’t turn out that way.  He is reported to be a ruthless character who believes in that latest sport – ‘firing squad’.

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22nd April 1961

Dear Diary

Michael took me to the Rag Ball at the ‘Tec.  I didn’t think much of the actual dance but then, we didn’t spend much time in there anyway.  It stated on the tickets that no pass-outs were allowed so, of course, we had to have our drink beforehand.  We went into the Robin Hood pub and unfortunately ran into Matthew and the immortal Crooks whom I have heard so much about, with his girlfriend

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23rd April 1961

Darling Maureen,

Had a fabulous time down in little ol’ Limasol last night.  Was feeling a bit depressed sitting in the billet and the Station Dance didn’t sound so attractive after all, so this ‘ere guy collects a few rusting airmen from the comfort of our ‘home’ and away we went.  We went to a bar called Andy Capps but we weren’t too keen on it there, so we moved on to the Supermarket.  This place was only recently built and boasts a fine club for members only.  However, we bowled in and ordered drinks.

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