Category: Week 17: 23rd April – 2nd May 1961

23rd April

Alan dear,

I’m in a hell of a mess, I really am.  I’m sorry I can’t write the usual chatty letter.  I don’t think my mind could concentrate on it.  I suppose you have begun to guess what is coming next.

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25th April 1961

Dear Diary,

Michael came to the house to play records.  I told him I had written to Alan and he looked so grateful and was so sweet about it that I felt really pleased that I had.

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27th April 1961

Dear Diary

I had a half day from work today and this time it is my turn to take Michael out.  I have been working furiously on my blue dress all week and finished it in time to wear tonight.  I felt fabulously smart. 

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30th April 1961

Dear Diary,

Had tea at Michael’s house.  I do like his family.  You can tell that they put on no special airs because they don’t sit and try to entertain you.  It makes it so much easier to be natural and to fit in when people aren’t particularly trying to be pleasant.

Michael took me to the Sports Club after tea.  I gather this was pre-arranged as no one seemed surprised when we walked out.

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2nd May 1961

Dear Diary

Cinema tonight.  Not a very good film I thought.  ‘Facts of Life’  Bob Hope and Lucille Ball.  Michael enjoyed it and as he paid I suppose that was fair enough.

He asked if I’d got an answer from Alan and seemed pretty pleased when I said I hadn’t.

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30th April 1961


Your letter came as rather a shock, yet strangely enough I am not annoyed with you in any way.  Although we may have stopped writing to each other I am sure our love is still there, perhaps hidden for a few months.

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