Category: Week 32: 13th – 21st August 1961

13th August 1961

Darling Alan,

I’m fed up, bored stiff and I want to go home! I might as well start from the beginning of everything.

We had a fine old laugh packing for this holiday.  Everything we saw, we packed ‘just in case’.  We’ve brought four times as much stuff as Lena brought to England for three weeks.  The two cases weigh a ton.  We didn’t get to bed til 12 Friday and we were up again at 5.45.  We found the coach ok with Lesley’s help and it left at 8.30 Saturday morning.

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15th August 1961

Hello Sweetheart,

This will be my last letter to you from Cyprus and to tell you the truth I am very glad it is.  Time is passing so quickly now that I hardly have time to sit down and think.

Today has been very eventful in that I started the clearance procedure from the station.  This entails wandering around with a blue chit and having my name crossed off various registers etc.  I have handed in all my K.D. uniform to stores, so it only remains for me to pack up and go.

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16th/17th August 1961

Dear Diary,

This evening was the best part of today.  No one had much energy after the barbeque last night and the gang spent the whole evening in the Sun Lounge.  One of the crowd realised he hadn’t had much to drink all week and obviously decided to make up for it.  He was making an awful row in my ear with his singing.

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