16th/17th August 1961

16th August


Dear Diary,

This evening was the best part of today.  No one had much energy after the barbeque last night and the gang spent the whole evening in the Sun Lounge.  One of the crowd realised he hadn’t had much to drink all week and obviously decided to make up for it.  He was making an awful row in my ear with his singing.

When most people had left the Sun Lounge we set up our own sing-song until we got thrown out at midnight.

About 20 of us moved on to one of the chalets and no one seemed to want to go home although there wasn’t much life in the party.

Lena left with the words ‘I’m going to get up for breakfast in the morning.’  No one believed her.


August 17th


Dear Diary

Lena actually did get up for breakfast.  I couldn’t find enough energy to move so I just lazed there.  The darling girl brought me a buttered roll and a cup of tea back.

Orders of the day were another afternoon on the beach but we found out that the camp sports were scheduled for 2 pm so, Roy being Bristol House captain, we had to go. It wasn’t very lively and I just sat and watched.  Lena got up and ran but fell and grazed her foot and knee.  She went to the First Aid and had it patched up and they told her not to go into the water.  She was annoyed ‘cos she was looking forward to her swim.

The weather wasn’t as warm as Tuesday but most of the crowd braved it and went in swimming.

The Glen Miller Story was being shown in the dance hall in the evening so the gang stayed in the Sun Lounge until it started.

Maureen's Diary Week 32: 13th - 21st August 1961

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