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My diary entries from the week I first met Alan in 1961.

20th July 1961

Dear Diary,

Well, this certainly is quick work. I received a second letter from Michael this morning yet he could only have got mine yesterday. I have never read so much rubbishy trash in all my life and so insulting! I was furious.

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17th July 1961

Dear Diary,

This morning, of all things, I got a letter from Michael. It was quite drooly really, considering the writer. He repeated the same old arguments and it annoyed me that I couldn’t answer them as he had put them.

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30th June 1961

Dear Diary,

Michael came to the house as arranged but in a worse state than expected. He was cycling to work this morning when a lorry, with a plank overhanging the side, overtook him and knocked him off his bike.  He was taken to Oldchurch Hospital, patched up and sent home.  He still looked pretty shaken up when I saw him.

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27th June 1961

Dear Diary,

I don’t think I can reproach myself at all.  I said all I had planned to.  Maybe it was a half-hearted attempt but I was only trying to let him down lightly and make him say the final words.  This gets worse and worse.

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25th June 1961

Dear Diary

Michael came to tea, then we and the family went to Auntie Elsie’s.  Mike’s classic remark: ‘Does your auntie run your uncle?’  Does she??

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24th June 1961

Dear Diary

We went to a Midsummer’s Dance at Rainham Town although the weather was really baking and much too hot for dancing.  We had a marvellous time.  I enjoyed myself more than I had before.  Since I have been going out with Mike, that is. 

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17th June 1961

Dear Diary

Life seems to be a succession of arguments when I am with Michael.  He started off in a very good mood.  In fact, celebrated by giving me a (friendly) punch in the street.  Then he took offence because I wouldn’t tell him what time I got up this morning.  He even walked away from me at the bus stop.  Think I will surprise him one of these days and instead of the ‘letter from Alan’ way I’ll just walk away from him in the middle of an argument.  Wonder what he would do?

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