17th June 1961

June 17th


Dear Diary

Life seems to be a succession of arguments when I am with Michael.  He started off in a very good mood.  In fact, celebrated by giving me a (friendly) punch in the street.  Then he took offence because I wouldn’t tell him what time I got up this morning.  He even walked away from me at the bus stop.  Think I will surprise him one of these days and instead of the ‘letter from Alan’ way I’ll just walk away from him in the middle of an argument.  Wonder what he would do?

I was expecting a letter from Alan this morning but didn’t get one.  That means it is over a week since the last one came.  Still, I did say don’t write until you have got something to write about else you will get bored that way.  But he needn’t have taken it so literally.

This time in two weeks I can say Alan is coming home next month.  There are only 68 more days until August 4th.  That is, 10 weeks.  One week less than the time I’ve been going out with Michael and that has absolutely flown by.  We’ve beaten Mike’s record of going out with a girl by 2 weeks, so far.  Shattering!

Seven weeks until Lena comes.  Time does fly when you get older.

Maureen's Diary Week 23: 10th - 17th June 1961

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