Category: Week 23: 10th – 17th June 1961

17th June 1961

Dear Diary

Life seems to be a succession of arguments when I am with Michael.  He started off in a very good mood.  In fact, celebrated by giving me a (friendly) punch in the street.  Then he took offence because I wouldn’t tell him what time I got up this morning.  He even walked away from me at the bus stop.  Think I will surprise him one of these days and instead of the ‘letter from Alan’ way I’ll just walk away from him in the middle of an argument.  Wonder what he would do?

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16th June 1961

Hello darling,

Friday evening again and the end of yet another boring week.  Though, I must admit they are going by pretty quickly. It was Monday when I finished my last letter, was it not?  Therefore, I will procede with a resume of the happenings since.

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14th June 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter.

As I have promised, I have taken a photo of myself wearing what I will wear when I meet you.  (I only hope it is a warm evening.)  I’ve also sent you a piece of material left over when I made the suit.  I thought this might make it easier for you to find me if there are a lot of people about.  I know I always notice colours before faces.  It really is a terrible photo, I hate it but as I’ll have to wear my glasses I thought I had better put them on for it.  I think I look about thirty and a typical English school mistress in it.  Horrible!  Never mind.  You will be able to judge for yourself soon.

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14th June 1961

Darling Maureen,

Well chico, you’ve certainly been putting in plenty of overtime with that pen of yours and thanks a lot for such first class letters.  I reckon to having to reply to at least thirty five pages but guess you’ll have to make do with the five unless I have a good old brainstorm.

One of my best friends has just returned from UK leave and last night he was almost insistent that he should buy me a drink at the NAAFI.  I knew very well what to expect from him and after a couple he began spouting out his experiences and love affairs during his leave.

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