14th June 1961

June 14th 1961


Darling Maureen,

Well chico, you’ve certainly been putting in plenty of overtime with that pen of yours and thanks a lot for such first class letters.  I reckon to having to reply to at least thirty five pages but guess you’ll have to make do with the five unless I have a good old brainstorm.

One of my best friends has just returned from UK leave and last night he was almost insistent that he should buy me a drink at the NAAFI.  I knew very well what to expect from him and after a couple he began spouting out his experiences and love affairs during his leave.

One problem has emerged by his return, that being the smoking of about 20 cigs a week.  It was this guy who bet me that I couldn’t stop smoking.  I now smoke in secret for fear of losing my bet and him gaining the satisfaction of winning.

Played cricket last Monday.  Our side lost.  However, I did manage to score 15 runs before being out LBW.  This made my average up to 9, which isn’t too bad really.  The other side had a very fast bowler.  He sent down a scorcher at first and quite honestly I hardly saw the ball.  But I certainly felt the darn thing on my leg.  It has left a nice big round black and blue bruise.  When they went into bat they passed our score fairly quickly.  Our bowling was pretty terrible and the batsmen took full advantage of it.  I was fielding at mid-on.  This position is on the batsman’s left, half a dozen yards from the bat.  Took three catches.  The first was when the batsman hit it full pelt over my head and by pure reflex action I stuck a hand up and bingo.  The second was easy but the third was from a ball that went very high into the sun and it had me sweating all the way down.

We have another match next Monday against the Catering section.  If I score more than 15 runs against them I’ll buy you 5 cigarettes.

On Tuesday went swimming again. The conditions were perfect in every way. We lay around on the beach at first before we took off for the depths and a raft a little way off shore.  We picked up an empty beer can en route and threw it around for each other to dive to the bottom for.  Later we had a good drink of Keo to wash the salt out of our mouths – that’s our story and we are sticking to it.


Wednesday played tennis with one of the new blokes.

He beat me 6 – 3, 6 – 4, 6 – 3.  Funny that, me losing at tennis.  Well, it was er…..windy.  I was er….tired!  My,  my, what will they say at the Club.

Today went swimming down at Fishermans Cove.  The water was just great.  Didn’t over exert myself unduly because from experiences gained these past few days reveals that a certain SAC cannot or does not feel like writing long letters after a day of action.  In fact, this heat shatters me and my good intentions.

Paddy has gone away to Kyrenia for this week on a Moral Leadership course.  Reckon if anybody needs that course then I do.  Thought I had better put that in otherwise you will only slay me in my/your next letter.

Am reading Mickey Spillane’s ‘Kiss Me Deadly’.  The central character is a rough tough goody who plays it fast.  This author sure does describe a female down to the last detail.  Who is Dennis Wheatley anyway?  Before you blow your top, I like said author too.

Talking of authors reminds me of that wonderful 21 pager I received today.  Maureen Brown, you certainly ask some good questions.  But I’ll keep you in suspense for my next letter.

Darling, I love your freckled nose and everything about you.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 23: 10th - 17th June 1961

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