Category: Week 24: 18th – 25th June 1961

18th June 1961

My Dear Maureen

Hello sweetheart.  How’s my favourite girl today?

My conscience tells me to write but the darn thing doesn’t tell me what to write about.  However, we shall see.

Had an entertainments meeting last Friday morning.  It was called mainly to arrange the details for the forthcoming barbeque which will probably be held on the 30th.  it seems this barbeque will be a great success.  Can you imagine it, a warm starry night in June with soft music and dancing going on.

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21st June 1961

Darling Alan,

Don’t really know how to start cos there’s nothing very interesting to write about.  It’s been one of those ‘moody’ evenings when I’ve been thinking about you all the time and getting more and more and more depressed.  So I thought I’d write to you.  Trying out that old remedy of trying to bring you a lot nearer.  I’d like to say something nice at this point but to tell the truth I can’t think of anything new.  It’s all been said many, many times before.  Just remember that I’m thinking nice things about you.  You are a dear.

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24th June 1961

Dear Diary

We went to a Midsummer’s Dance at Rainham Town although the weather was really baking and much too hot for dancing.  We had a marvellous time.  I enjoyed myself more than I had before.  Since I have been going out with Mike, that is. 

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25th June 1961

Dear Diary

Michael came to tea, then we and the family went to Auntie Elsie’s.  Mike’s classic remark: ‘Does your auntie run your uncle?’  Does she??

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