30th May 1961

May 30th


Dear Diary

I posted the letter this morning.  Mum took great pleasure in reading out my stars which said something like ‘favourable time for love.  Pleasant news.’

At work Pat was thrilled to bits and kept remarking how much it would please Alan.

I haven’t mentioned the letter received from Sweden on Saturday.  Lena is landing Gatwick Airport 4th August.  I have to get train from Victoria to Gatwick.  The airport is opposite the station.  Even if I can’t get a half day I’ll be able to meet her.  A half-day will help as it would be a rush otherwise.  I’m looking forward to going down there.  Make you feel pretty important watching the plane come in then meeting one of the passengers. I must make myself up to the nines, pretend I am somebody big.  Ah!

Maureen's Diary Week 21: 28th May - 4th June 1961

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