3rd June 1961

June 3rd 1961


Hello darling,

It was real good to hear from you again so thanks a lot for writing all them there pages.  Believe me Maureen I’ve been feeling like a new man these past few days.  When I received your letter it seemed like a dream or something.  Anyway darling I want you to know I still and always did think that you are the tops for me.

It’s very good to offer to knit that sweater for me but I reckon it’ll take you to Christmas to finish because I won’t be giving you the size, colour etc till my next letter, on account that I haven’t made my mind up yet.

Tonight have been up the NAAFI, having a few drinks.  It’s a new idea of mine which aims at writing longer and perhaps more interesting letters than before.  However, as somebody said, ’we shall see.’

Suppose I had better let you in on my activities these past four weeks.  Let’s face it, I am going to have to if I’m to beat fourteen pages before ten o’clock. (it’s half nine now.)  Well, to start with the cricket season has started something like this.  First innings 0 not out.  Second innings 0 clean bowled.  Third innings 3 not out.  Which you may or may not know is plain lousy scoring.  Reckon the only reason I was not dropped is because I am the organiser, selector and everything else to do with the game on the Squadron. Still we have won two games and lost one.  The game we lost was played last Thursday.  Had quite a time of it, a fast ball smashed my watch whilst we were practising and then while fielding at silly mid-on I received a thump on the shins from a ball that had come from the bat like a Russian Rocket.

Have also been playing quite a bit of tennis and that very fast game called squash.  What with going swimming every other day you should begin to realise that this guy intends to be fit by the end of August.  Not sure whether I’ll be fit by the end of September though – hope not somehow.

We had a squadron party a few weeks back.  It was held in the local Catholic Hall.  The entertainments committee passed the buck by asking me to decorate the hall suitable for dancing in.  The hall itself is a high roofed affair with drab walls.  However, with help I replaced the high powered light bulbs with low coloured ones, then strung a network of string across the hall.  Next day the C.O. gave the ok for the use of a three-ton truck which I used to gather in a fair amount of greenery and branches of orange trees etc. these branches I had spread over the string network and planted at different empty spaces around the hall.  It had just the right night-club-type effect that I desired.  The ceiling had been lowered to about eight feet by the use of the greenery and it was too dim to see the drab walls.

The dance went off extremely well. I kept to Brandy Sours all night and remained sober (I’m kidding).  Met a sweet young maiden of eighteen whose ‘daddy was an officer’ and stayed with her all night (at the dance) and even dated her up but came the day of our intended meeting I had cold feet so let her down.  I knew this was behaving badly to her but that’s how it goes.  Most guys wouldn’t have done what I did but then most guys have never met a girl like Maureen Brown of Dagenham.  What I mean is, she wasn’t a patch on you darling.

Have been living at a fast rate just lately.  Have had quite a time down in Limassol.  Must say it has been real great some nights and that’s all I am saying – because it’s half ten already.

Must close now darling but will write again tomorrow or Monday to make up for the lack of pages.  Goodnight Maureen .  I love you and miss you.  Roll on 79 days.

All my love



ps   write soon please.

pps   I’ve been smoking very heavy lately, snap.

Letters from Alan Week 22: 3rd - 8th June 1961

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