3rd June 1961

June 3rd 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter and the bookmark.  I read a lot so I will find it very useful.  I expect you have received my present by now I hope you like them.  Also, I hope they fit.

I am glad you are not arriving in England until 6 o’clock as that means, even if I cannot get an afternoon’s holiday from work I will be able to come to the airport to meet you.  I had some photos taken this evening and I will send them in my next letter.  You won’t forget to send me a recent one of yourself, will you?  I was looking at my old photographs the other day and the last one of you I have was taken in 1956.  I expect you have changed a lot since then.

Now, about the clothes you should bring.  I don’t think it is a ridiculous question at all.  I also like to be dressed similar to other people, otherwise I feel awkward.  Every evening at the holiday camp there will be dances.  For this I am taking ordinary summer dresses.  Nobody expects you to take anything special or fancy on holiday with you.  My dresses are cotton and mostly flower-patterned.  Some of them straight and some flared.  I realise that you can bring only a certain amount of weight on the plane so if we are lucky enough to be the same size I would be pleased for you to borrow some of my clothes.

During the day on holiday we will wear either slack or shorts, depending of course on the weather, and a blouse or sweater.  We have been having very nice weather recently and as August is usually one of our hottest months we will probably wear our shorts all the time.  That is about all you will need for the holiday I think.  Except maybe a swimming costume.  Can you swim, by the way?  I can’t and I don’t like the water very much so I don’t go in the sea unless I can help it.  But I always take a costume on holiday with me to laze around the swimming pool.

The house has been in turmoil today. My father has been wallpapering the bedroom.  All the furniture from one bedroom was put into the other and it was so crowded nobody could get in or out.  He finished and everything was straightened out about an hour ago.  He is absolutely exhausted.

I think we have arranged everything for your holiday over here, haven’t we?  I can’t think of anything else.  I don’t know if there is a special coach that brings passengers from Gatwick into London but as I will be there to meet you I suppose you will come back with me by train.  Do you know the number of your flight?  If I knew it, it will be easier to find out whereabouts on the airport you will land.

If I can’t get the time off from work I may be a few minutes late as I don’t know how often the trains from London run but I will let you know about that.


Letters to Lena Week 21: 28th May - 4th June 1961

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