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19th July 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you for your letter. I expect this will be the last letter you will receive from me for a while. The next one will probably be all about your holiday. It does not seem possible that when you read this, there will be less than 2 weeks until you fly over.

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14th June 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter.

As I have promised, I have taken a photo of myself wearing what I will wear when I meet you.  (I only hope it is a warm evening.)  I’ve also sent you a piece of material left over when I made the suit.  I thought this might make it easier for you to find me if there are a lot of people about.  I know I always notice colours before faces.  It really is a terrible photo, I hate it but as I’ll have to wear my glasses I thought I had better put them on for it.  I think I look about thirty and a typical English school mistress in it.  Horrible!  Never mind.  You will be able to judge for yourself soon.

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3rd June 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter and the bookmark.  I read a lot so I will find it very useful.  I expect you have received my present by now I hope you like them.  Also, I hope they fit.

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15th May 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter. 

I have also heard that many foreigners stay at the holiday camps on the south coast during the summer, though I’ve never met any myself. 

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13th April 1961

Dear Lena,

First, I must apologise for not answering your letter sooner.  It is simply ages since I have written.  I am sorry.

My family have all gone to bed but as I have a day off work tomorrow I have decided to stay up late and catch up on all my letter-writing while the house is peaceful.

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24th February 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter. The 4th August is perfect for us. Actually, when we discussed which day you should come my parents and I had to choose between that weekend or the following weekend. We decided than that you may not like being here for a week if I am at work. But my father will be on holiday and I expect they will go to the coast during one or two days and of course, you will go with them if you wish. That weekend will be August Bank Holiday weekend, so I will not have to work on Monday 7th anyway. I will only be working for 4 days during your stay. You will be here about three weeks then, is that alright with you?

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31st January 1961

Dear Lena,

I was very pleased indeed to receive your letter this morning. I do hope we can make suitable arrangements so you can come and stay with us. I am getting excited about it already.

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