24th February 1961

February 24th 1961


Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter.  The 4th August is perfect for us.  Actually, when we discussed which day you should come my parents and I had to choose between that weekend or the following weekend.  We decided than that you may not like being here for a week if I am at work.  But my father will be on holiday and I expect they will go to the coast during one or two days and of course, you will go with them if you wish.  That weekend will be August Bank Holiday weekend, so I will not have to work on Monday 7th anyway.  I will only be working for 4 days during your stay.  You will be here about three weeks then, is that alright with you?

The journey to Dorset and the cost of the holiday camp there will be about £15 altogether.  I would like to say I can pay for it all but as I will have to save up for my own holiday as well I just cannot afford it.  But I will definitely pay half of your expenses at Dorset so you will only need an extra £7 – 10s on top of your plane fare.  I have written to the holiday camp tonight to ask them if they can fit you in for a week with us.  I will let you know when I get a reply.

I think I have mentioned everything about the arrangements for August. It is about 2 years ago since we first decided to meet, isn’t it?  Now it is only five months away.

I hope you will not have to go back to Sweden before the 26th August because on that day my boyfriend will get his demob. from the Airforce and I would like you to meet him.  Did I tell you that he is in Cyprus at the moment?

His friend is going to take me to Gloucester to meet him on the 26th and if you are still here I think the drive through the English countryside will be a perfect ending to your visit. I have never been to Gloucester myself but I think it is about a 2 hour journey by car, west of London.

Tomorrow one of my old school friends is getting married and my sister is one of her bridesmaids.  As you can imagine, we are all getting very excited about it.  Especially my sister.  She can hardly keep still.  She is coming to the hairdressers with me tomorrow morning.  That will be a new experience for her as well.

I will write to you as soon as I know about the arrangements at the holiday camp and I expect you will let me know the time your plane arrives in England. I hope it will be in the afternoon, then I think I can arrange to meet you.  Otherwise I can send you instructions.  But we can decide on those small details later on.

I am glad you can come.  My parents are looking forward to your visit as well. And my friends have said I must introduce you.  It seems you are going to have a very hectic holiday.


Letters to Lena Week 7: 19th - 25th February 1961

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