Category: Week 7: 19th – 25th February 1961

25th February 1961

Dear Diary,

Marjorie Thomas nee Clarke got married. Jean and I had a fabulous time at the evening party with:- Stan, Martin, Rod and Graham. Bill’s guests from the Tottenham area. Jean and Stan took to one another straight away.

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24th February 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter. The 4th August is perfect for us. Actually, when we discussed which day you should come my parents and I had to choose between that weekend or the following weekend. We decided than that you may not like being here for a week if I am at work. But my father will be on holiday and I expect they will go to the coast during one or two days and of course, you will go with them if you wish. That weekend will be August Bank Holiday weekend, so I will not have to work on Monday 7th anyway. I will only be working for 4 days during your stay. You will be here about three weeks then, is that alright with you?

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22nd February 1961

My Dearest Maureen,

Went to Messing meeting this morning and had an interesting time. It seems hard to believe but I spoke for nearly an hour bringing up various points ranging from the introduction of fresh fruit and fresh bottled milk to the daily menu, to the dirty state of the whole place. I carried on about the dirty plates, tables, floor etc and also requested that an old cutlery rinse be attended to as it stunk something ‘orrid.

I did also say how much the meals have improved since the new Catering Officer had been with us. He took the bait just fine and after that he agreed with everything I said. It’s good talking to the senior ranks on an equal footing.

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22nd February 1961

Darling Alan,

I have got 15 minutes at the most to write in. I got an awful telling off last night because I was sitting here writing until 12.45. it was just my bad luck that they woke up. In case you’re wondering what happened to last night’s letter, I scrapped it. It was a lovely saga of my problem but as you are too far away to do anything about it I decided I couldn’t send it. After getting you all nice and mystified, I’ll finish.

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20th February 1961

My Dearest Maureen,

Am feeling a lot better today after a fabulous weekend. Late last night I tried to write you a letter but gave up after 4 pages because it didn’t make much sense once I had read it over. Not only that, the lads in our room have developed a good sense of comradeship this past month and last night they had their hands on some booze which was left over from the party Saturday.

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