20th February 1961

February 20th 1961



My Dearest Maureen,

Am feeling a lot better today after a fabulous weekend.  Late last night I tried to write you a letter but gave up after 4 pages because it didn’t make much sense once I had read it over.  Not only that, the lads in our room have developed a good sense of comradeship this past month and last night they had their hands on some booze which was left over from the party Saturday.  They insisted that I should have a few drinks to the point of being offended so, seeing that I wasn’t in mood for writing (I was shattered) I gave in and joined the party.  The lads broke into song and sang ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner.’  Which was good of them.  We went on to have a fair old party.

To tell you about this weekend I had better start on Saturday morning when yours truly was one of the four guys on the station to have a 48 hour pass.  My mate and I went down to Limasol where we hired a car (he paid, of course). We had a drive around town first but as it was raining hard, decided to head back to camp.  He allowed me to have a ‘clutch’ of this car – Ford Consul ’52 and I didn’t find it difficult at all.  The gear stick is on the steering column which I found an advantage.

That night was the night, the best night I’ve had in this ……….island. Went to my mate’s 21st birthday party at this Warrant Officer’s house in married quarters.  I think you know (re – last letter).  There were mostly married couples present with a few stray WRAF’s thrown in for any single blokes who were unfortunate to be there.  There was plenty to drink, so I had plenty, mostly gin & lemon to start with followed by all different drinks.  I just picked a bottle with eyes shut.  Just a minute, the bottle never had it’s eyes shut, I did.  Just thought I had better clarify the position.  Anyway, went on and danced with every female in the place and I assure you Maureen I was the perfect gent, so much so that I surprised one or two of the ladies when I said that A.D.Blake was a bachelor.  One woman paid me a handsome compliment which I won’t repeat for fear of being called a big-head by my future wife.  Guess that has you wondering now.  Well, just keep on wondering xxx

My mate was rather upset when I refused to make up a foursome for taking a couple of WRAFs home.  I told him point blank NO.  NO spells no.  I told him later that I was in love with a girl back home and was going to marry you.  If he doesn’t understand that then he can’t know a girl like you, that’s what I say.  You’re worth more than anything to me darling.  You’re everything I could wish for and that’s why I would do anything to avoid losing you. xx

The party went on til about 3 am on Sunday morning.  It was a marvellous party, nobody got drunk, everybody was in high spirits and very sociable.  It was great.  However, about 2 am they played a Peggy Lee LP and if you know the type of blues she sings then you will have a good idea of who I was thinking of.  (you)  One minute I was happy and laughing and then they started to play this record and it just about ruined me.  Looking around the room I saw my friends with their wives and thought to myself, if only Maureen was here with me.  It’s best for me not to listen to those type of songs, it doesn’t make me feel what you might call, cheerful.  Just as I write this Elvis is singing ‘Are you Lonesome Tonight’.  Help!

When I went around saying goodnight I had several invitations to visit them any weekend I liked, which is good to know for the future.

One amusing incident was when I went outside and had a walk around the garden for a breath of fresh air.  It was pitch black and perhaps I wasn’t thinking too clearly because I disappeared down a storm trench.  My suit wasn’t tidy after that but a good stiff brushing saw it ok.  It didn’t seem funny to me at the time but thinking about it since I had to laugh.

Finally rolled into bed about 3.30 and slept like a log til about 7.30 when we were up again to take my mate’s hired car back to Limasol.  Handed car back just after 9.00 and we were very lucky coming back because we hitched a lift in a Landrover that did about 60 most of the way.  We arrived back before ten and by ten o’clock your Alan was back in bed again.  Unfortunately was unable to sleep soundly because airmen aren’t very silent creatures.  One guy started to sing, which was just too much so I told him to belt up or I’d belt him – he shut up and everybody else left the room.  Anybody would think I am not very nice to know when I’m upset.  Guess I was just tired.

You are quite a sharp one aren’t you?  ‘oh and of course I’m pregnant!’  you are obviously joking……..Aren’t you? ?  You must be….  What shall we name it.  Perhaps Houdini would be appropriate.

Have just been handed some toast and a mug of coffee – charming – won’t be a minute……

Thanks for answering the rebound question so promptly and so well.  All I can say is I love you and can’t wait to be standing at the altar with you.  You say you gave me a way out of that question but you would have thought all kind of things if I hadn’t answered it.  Am certainly looking forward to September and the ‘er weekends.

By the way, that joke about the skis on wrong feet.  Well, us skiers excuse such ignorant people (joking of course).

Don’t worry about not sending a Valentine card Maureen.  You did right as usual.  Your letters are worth a dozen cards anyway.

Have finally reached page 8 with no thanks to my comrades who keep talking to me about football.  Think that I’ll retire for the night and have a good night’s sleep for once.

Good night darling.  Have fun. Remember I’m in love with you.


All my love


Letters from Alan Week 7: 19th - 25th February 1961

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