15th May 1961

May 15th 1961

Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for your letter.

I have also heard that many foreigners stay at the holiday camps on the south coast during the summer, though I’ve never met any myself.  Do you realise that it is little over two months before you come over.  Yet it doesn’t seem very long ago when we first mentioned it, the time has gone very quickly.  Soon I will have some photographs of myself taken wearing what I will wear when I meet you.  So you will be able to recognise me more easily.  Do you know yet whether you will be landing at London airport or Southend airport or if you will land in the morning or afternoon of the 4th August?

Do you remember, I told you we would probably be driving to Gloucester to meet my boyfriend, Alan?  It is a very long story and I will tell you all the details when I see you but it doesn’t seem as if we will be going now.  I don’t write to Alan at all now but we have agreed that we will see each other when he comes out of the Air Force on 25th.  So, you will be here for the ‘grand reunion’.

It will be much easier for you and I to write letters to each other after we have met.  Usually my letters are full of slang expressions and very odd abbreviations but as I don’t know whether you would understand them, I try not to use them when I am writing to you.

I have decided it is definitely cheaper to make my clothes instead of buying them.  So, although I very much dislike doing it I have bought fabric and this evening I started making a two-piece.  A straight skirt and a blouse top, the pattern is plain and very easy but the material is a really lovely, lilac colour, so I hope it won’t look too bad.


Letters to Lena Week 19: 13th - 17th May 1961

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