31st January 1961

January 31st 1961

Dear Lena,

I was very pleased indeed to receive your letter this morning.  I do hope we can make suitable arrangements so you can come and stay with us. I am getting excited about it already.

I will try to explain the position clearly.  I have two weeks holiday from work.  That is from Saturday 12th August until Sunday 27th August.  My friend and I are going to a holiday camp in Dorset (that is on the south coast) for the first week – the 12th until the 19th August.  We would be very pleased if you could come there with us.  Then, the second week I am staying at home.  If this is not too late for you we would be very pleased to have you stay here for those two weeks.

I have discussed it with my parents and we have decided that the best possible day for you to arrive in England would be Thursday 10th August.  I will be working on that day and the day after but I think I may be able to arrange to have a half day ‘s holiday from work on the Thursday to meet you.  If I can’t, or if your plane lands too early, my father said he can meet you.

I think that is all I have to tell you about the dates.  I do hope it is convenient for you at the end of August.  I thought perhaps if we went to the coast for the first week we could go sightseeing in London during the second.

I hope you do not mind sharing a bedroom with me, as we have quite a small house really and have no spare bedroom.  There is something that my mother has been worrying about (you know what mothers are!)  and I must prepare you for.  We have no hot water in the bathroom and so we have to wash in the kitchen.  I did not think it worth mentioning but it has settled my mother’s mind.

I really do hope you can come over.  I can show you all the local places I go to and all the famous sights in London.  We should have a lot of fun.

It is up to you on which day you return to Sweden but as you have to start school again in September I suppose the 26th or 27th August is best.

Will you let me know as soon as possible when you have booked your flight, then I can make the arrangements at the holiday camp for you.


Letters to Lena Week 4: 31st January - 5th February 1961

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