13th April 1961

April 13th 1961


Dear Lena,

First, I must apologise for not answering your letter sooner.  It is simply ages since I have written.  I am sorry.

My family have all gone to bed but as I have a day off work tomorrow I have decided to stay up late and catch up on all my letter-writing while the house is peaceful.

I hope you had a nice birthday.  I didn’t realise it was so near until the day before.  I hope you won’t mind waiting until next month before I send you something.  Out of this month’s money I have bought a pair of white shoes and some material for a dress and now I am absolutely broke.

Now, I will tell you what you must be waiting to hear.  Everything is arranged as far as going to the holiday camp is concerned.  I wrote to the camp and asked if there was room for you and I got a letter back soon after.  They were very nice about it and sent me all the forms to fill in and sign for you.  My friend is very pleased that you are coming with us.  We both think that the more people going on holiday together the more you enjoy yourself.

I know what I wanted to ask you…  What sort of shows do you like?  I thought it would be nice if I could get tickets for a show to give you a chance to see a London theatre.  There are some very good plays and musicals running in town at the moment and I should think they will still be on in August.

I have been out a lot recently.  It has been making a pleasant change because since Alan went to Cyprus I have been staying at home in the evenings.   One of my friends at work introduced me to her boyfriend’s brother when I went dancing 2 weeks ago.  Since then I have been going out with the 3 of them in the evenings.  Next Saturday we are going to a club which isn’t too far away.  I hate going to new places because I don’t know how formal it is and I don’t know what to wear.  This time I am taking a chance and wearing an ordinary summer dress.  I hope I am doing the right thing.

I hardly did anything over Easter, just stayed indoors most of the time.  Did you go out at all?

I have 3 more letters to write and it is getting late, so I had better finish now.


Letters to Lena Week 15: 11th - 15th April 1961

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