Category: Week 22: 3rd – 8th June 1961

8th June 1961

Dear Diary

Last Tuesday a letter from Alan was waiting for me when I got home from work.  He seemed so pleased because I had written to him.  I can’t remember exactly what I had said but I don’t think I meant to give him the impression he has got, that things are back to normal.  He has put off giving me instructions for sweater til ‘his next letter.’

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7th June 1961

My Dear Maureen,

Went swimming this morning by Lady’s Mile Beach and it was really a morning well spent.  If you are wondering what or rather how I managed to escape work, well it’s just a little thing called leave, all three days of it.  Some of the Squadron lads are working down by the Water Ski Club so I had door-to-door transport there and back, so to speak.  Arrived down there just after seven in a Landrover and after finding myself a neat little spot amongst the sand dunes went straight into the cool, cool water.  It was wonderful. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was more than hot as the morning drew on.

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6th June 1961

Hiya Honey!

Danke fur Ihren Brief.  It’s ok.  I’ve just remembered I’ve got to write to my German pen friend and I thought I’d get in the mood.  (for writing to my German penfriend, of course.)

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5th June 1961

Dear Diary,

Went to see the Bank Revue with Mike, Clive & Carol, Penny and Richard.  It was a rotten show.  Carol and Clive walked out during the second half.  We went for a drink with Penny and Richard afterwards.

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3rd June 1961

Hello darling,

It was real good to hear from you again so thanks a lot for writing all them there pages.  Believe me Maureen I’ve been feeling like a new man these past few days.  When I received your letter it seemed like a dream or something.  Anyway darling I want you to know I still and always did think that you are the tops for me.

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