5th June 1961

June 5th


Dear Diary,

Went to see the Bank Revue with Mike, Clive & Carol, Penny and Richard.  It was a rotten show.  Carol and Clive walked out during the second half.  We went for a drink with Penny and Richard afterwards.

This morning Carol was genning me up on some of the conversation she and Clive had on holiday.  Clive was asking questions about me regarding Alan.  Apparently he didn’t reckon I’d stopped writing to Alan.  Carol seemed to think he was quoting Michael.  When I saw Michael I started on him and more or less accused him of being a liar because he said he never discussed me with his brother.  He wanted to know what had been said and he claimed he had told Clive I had stopped writing to Alan, Clive had said ‘That’s what she has told you’. Carol had taken Clive’s opinions for Mike’s.

As he was in a rotten temper Mike kept making digs at Carol all evening.  Oh, it was great fun – I don’t think!  We started moaning at each other when we got home here.  Still, it was a good excuse for a row and I felt like rowing.  We had a ding-dong battle when we got home.  Dad was sitting there laughing.

Tonight makes it five times in six days I have seen Michael.  Getting too often.

Maureen's Diary Week 22: 3rd - 8th June 1961

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