7th June 1961

June 7th 1961


My Dear Maureen,

Went swimming this morning by Lady’s Mile Beach and it was really a morning well spent.  If you are wondering what or rather how I managed to escape work, well it’s just a little thing called leave, all three days of it.  Some of the Squadron lads are working down by the Water Ski Club so I had door-to-door transport there and back, so to speak.  Arrived down there just after seven in a Landrover and after finding myself a neat little spot amongst the sand dunes went straight into the cool, cool water.  It was wonderful. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was more than hot as the morning drew on.

Most of the morning I lay stretched out on the sand reading and I might add the book is Lady Chatterley’s Lover, so you can imagine it certainly was a mighty hot day for little ol’ me.  Must say this book is most educating in one way or another.  Reading these types of books isn’t good for me.  It makes me depressed and sometimes violent with any piece of furniture that steps in my way.  Still, one of these days I’ll write a book and make some other joker envious.

Anyway, back to the beach.  It’s amazing isn’t it?  There was I merely talking about the beach when that same old subject crept in just half a page later.

The sun really gave me a tanning today.  My back has developed a deep red glow and it hurts slightly.  Wish you were here to put some nice cream over my back.  Reckon it needs the feminine touch.  There I go again….meanwhile, back to the beach.  Went in swimming every half hour to cool down.  One time swam out to a raft anchored a few hundred yards off the beach.  Sitting on that raft and looking back it seemed miles away to the shore.  The water at this time was almost warm.  Can you imagine it, the warm blue Mediterranean Sea, golden sands and clear blue skies.  Maureen, why not pop over tomorrow just for a the weekend or something.

Paddy has been buying quite a few records lately.  The most played one is an LP by some character called Chris Barber.  I especially care for the number that features Ottilee Paterson. She is just great.  Think it would be a good idea if you were to bring some of your records around to my place as soon as I’m home.  Perhaps during our first few weeks together.  It would be a good thing if we had a few record sessions around my place.  Do you agree?

My old mate Ron whom you met on our last evening together (he’s the tall chap who keeps on about ‘his girl says…..)  he wrote the other day to tell me that he contemplates matrimony (getting hitched) next summer.  He says he wants me to be his best man on the happy day.  As far as I know he hasn’t bothered about the engagement ring etc.  Perhaps I’ll beat him yet.  You know, it was this guy that has always warned me off taking girls seriously with those big words ‘why jump in the lake when you only need a drink.’  Now, the minute I turn my back he crumples back on his words.  Perhaps he has seen the light of life.

Have heard that cigarettes have had another 1d added per twenty, shocking.  To smoke over here ye olde fags cost only a shilling per twenty, just slightly cheaper.  Some blokes smoke about 200 a week here and think nothing of it.  It’s going to be kinda hard on them once they leave this place.  I started smoking about 60 or 80 a week when I had your letter before last but right now am smoking about 20 a week. (mostly other peoples)

Played about eight games of squash tonight.  Unfortunately was beaten by five games to three with the last game going to ten – eight.  This game sure is fast.  I sometimes think that I cover miles racing around the court after that little black ball.  The sweat just seems to pour off after a couple of games.  Lets face it I’m crazy (you dare!)

My friend Jim who is now the Messing Rep has just been very sick with, you’ll never guess, food poisoning.  It’s a strange and wonderful world we live in!

The poor guy is in bed now feeling very sorry for himself.  It’s a case of ‘Unlucky Jim.’  I shouldn’t laugh he is quite a decent chap and very good company on our little journeys around the night-spots down town.

Don’t think I have impressed upon you lately just how much Maureen Brown means to me.  Guess I must have told you dozens of times that I truly love you darling and believe me Maureen you’re everything to this Alan of yours.

Goodnight darling.

All my love,




Letters from Alan Week 22: 3rd - 8th June 1961

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