19th May 1961

May 19th


Dear Diary

As arranged Michael came to the house at 6 o’clock to take me to see South Pacific.  After a bit of a tussle about what time we would get up to the West End, I was wrong and we were early.  It was a bad start and could have deteriorated into a bad-tempered evening but anticipation of seeing the film overrode any impending argument.  We went into this old decrepit type bar just off Tottenham Court Road and had a drink to while away the half hour we had spare.  Then we went in to see the film!  It was absolutely marvellous.  Beyond description.  When we left the cinema we went into this high-class type bar next door.  I felt rather like a deb!  I think I have gained a lot of confidence since I have been going out with Michael or maybe it is since my 18th birthday and acquiring a clear conscience.  Anyway, I don’t even blink going into a pub now.

The family were pleased ‘cos we got in a few minutes before 12.  Dad is getting quite sociable now.  We have quite a conversation when we come in now.

Maureen's Diary Week 20: 19th - 28th May 1961

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