20th May 1961

May 20th 


Dear Diary

Michael arrived in the afternoon, full of plans for where we are going in the evening and on Monday.  He had been drinking with a crowd of friends at lunch-time and half agreed that we would go out with them Saturday evening and Monday.  He checked with me and then phoned Peter Wilson and ok’d the evening.

The afternoon we spent walking around Romford looking for a white handbag, my birthday present from him.  We knew we wanted sandwiches for Monday so we bought some cheese, after a long discussion on how much we needed.  Every decision needs a discussion and is such hard work.

8 o’clock Peter Wilson and Jackie, Rudi and Chris called for us in two vans and we went to the Tottenham Royal.  Neither of us thought much of it.  We spent most of the time sitting around waiting for them to go home.  It was 12 before we got home but Dad was quite understanding and knew we were depending on them for a lift.

Sunday, Michael called for me to go to his house for tea.

I get on much better with them all when Carol and Clive aren’t there.  I get a chance to get a word in.  Michael’s mother has said I look very sophisticated with my glasses on and Mike said she likes girls to look sophisticated.  Am I in?

Maureen's Diary Week 20: 19th - 28th May 1961

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