27th May 1961

May 27th


Dear Diary

This morning I was woken up at 11.45 and informed that Vic was downstairs waiting for me. Taking a few minutes to rouse myself I donned my blue silk housecoat and strolled in to receive my guest.  He stayed talking for about half hour, though he had actually come about the Chris Barber LP.   I told him I didn’t get paid until next Wednesday so he said he’d come back then.

Dancing at Rainham Town again.  Still my favourite place.  We were later than usual getting there and couldn’t get our corner seats.

When I got home from dancing Mum told me Vic had been round again but in her opinion he just wanted to talk to me.  He said he couldn’t get the LP I wanted but as I said any one would do he would try again.  All a bit muddled?

Maureen's Diary Week 20: 19th - 28th May 1961

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