21st August 1961

August 21st


Dear Diary,

Of all the absolute rotten luck.  I’ve never known anything like it in all my life!  I  had better start from the beginning before I get carried away with my tale of woe.

Uncle George came round as arranged and took us to Rush Green Hospital.  He waited outside and I went in the Outpatients Department with Lena.  Half an hour later, I was informed that they were going to keep her in ‘for 2 or 3 days’.  The swelling had gone down as expected but they were frightened of tetanus. They said they do have to keep a special eye on foreigners as regards to tetanus – something to do with the different air.

Lena didn’t seem to mind very much.  The darling, all she was concerned about was that she may be spoiling my holiday.  I took a long list back home with me of all the things she wanted.  When I asked if she wanted her pyjamas she said they were dirty, so I took her mine.  The sister waylaid me on the way out and said, as Lena was under age they needed somebody to sign a consent form in case she needed an operation.  After long discussion they decided that officially my parents were her guardians while she was in England so would I bring one of them with me during visiting this evening.

I knew and Mum agreed that it would have to be Dad, so the point was to get him home in time to be at the hospital by seven.

When I phoned him he said he had been hoping I would let him know how Lena got on.  What surprised me was how worried he became when I told him about the consent form.  I explained that it was merely a formality but didn’t seem to ease his mind at all.  It is usually Mum who panics over things like this yet she took it quite calmly.  My family never fail to surprise me,

I met Dad and we went to the hospital, laden down with books and odds and ends.  Lena was fine and the first thing she asked me was whether Alan had turned up or not.  She was quite disappointed for me when I said he hadn’t.  Dad signed the required form and we tootled off home.

I phoned Carol again, to let her know about the final arrangements for tomorrow.  It was obvious that we had a spare ticket then, so I told her I would definitely see her, whether it would be by myself or with Alan.  Who could tell?  It would be perfect if Alan arrived in the morning, or early afternoon.  We had the seat ready for him.


Maureen's Diary Week 32: 13th - 21st August 1961

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