15th August 1961

August 15th 1961



Hello Sweetheart,

This will be my last letter to you from Cyprus and to tell you the truth I am very glad it is.  Time is passing so quickly now that I hardly have time to sit down and think.

Today has been very eventful in that I started the clearance procedure from the station.  This entails wandering around with a blue chit and having my name crossed off various registers etc.  I have handed in all my K.D. uniform to stores, so it only remains for me to pack up and go.

I shall be going to Nicosia on Saturday for the night.  At about 9 am local time our aircraft will bear me away to the UK.  It is now expected that it will land at either London Airport or Gatwick, so my idea of Stanstead is all wrong.

A couple of married chaps are also going home on the same flight and they have invited me to their hotel in Nicosia for a Saturday night farewell party.  I expect my head will be throbbing in time with the engine on Sunday morning.  Still, who cares, I’m going home!

Saturday last I gathered around some of the Blake clan of Akrotiri (meaning my mates) and headed down town (it’s in the opposite direction to the NAAFI which is, up.)  We visited a few bars, met some other friends of ours who were also celebrating and had a fair old time of it.  So good was it, that we never arrived back at camp until after 4 am Sunday.  It was quite a party.  Sorry to say that this particular party had me groggy by two o’clock.  My trouble is I’m out of practice. The lads want to go again within the next few days.  They are devils for punishment.

Played cricket this afternoon for the first time in a fortnight.  The team having no fixtures over the Bank Holiday week.  A very strange thing happened – we won. Perhaps that should be in block capitals because it is the first time for ages.  Have acquired a cricket cap which I am sure gave me much confidence in my new role as opener. (no I don’t open the cans of beer!)

Anyway, as I was saying: I did score fourteen runs which to me is good. To you perhaps it doesn’t mean a darn thing, so I shall drop this subject before you become more bored than usual over my cricket paragraphs.

Tomorrow I am going down town to purchase a few presents.  Haven’t a clue what to get but reckon those local bods will sell me something, anything in fact, if they could.

Thanks a lot for your last letter.  It had me counting the hours.  By the way darling, it’s quite possible that I shall be demobbed on the 21st, yes, next Monday!  The way I look at it is that I shall arrive Sunday midday and travel straight down to Gloucester.  All I have to do on Monday is to hand over my blue uniform and that shouldn’t waste more than a morning of my precious time.

Hope you are enjoying yourself down, or is it up, at Weymouth.  It’s quite a fair place to be by the reports I have had.  Bet all the lads are chasing you around, hoping for a date.  Anyway, get some sun-tan and enjoy yourself.  Love to all the girls especially Maureen Brown, the best one there. xx

Will invite my friends to our party as soon as I meet up with them but quite frankly I shan’t be afraid of mere people when you are with me.  They are just local gaily clothed peasants, dear girl but don’t tell anyone that I said so, will you?

Will close now Maureen.  I’ll say Goodnight.  God bless and





PS   MR Blake is on his way!

Letters from Alan Week 32: 13th - 21st August 1961

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