13th August 1961

Osmington Bay

August 13th 1961


Darling Alan,

I’m fed up, bored stiff and I want to go home! I might as well start from the beginning of everything.

We had a fine old laugh packing for this holiday.  Everything we saw, we packed ‘just in case’.  We’ve brought four times as much stuff as Lena brought to England for three weeks.  The two cases weigh a ton.  We didn’t get to bed til 12 Friday and we were up again at 5.45.  We found the coach ok with Lesley’s help and it left at 8.30 Saturday morning.

We stopped about 11 o’clock for twenty minutes, only that turned into an hour.  Even then the driver had to rake two blokes out of the pub.


            Today we came back from lunch at 2.10 and decided to go for a walk along the cliffs.  We got all set, then we couldn’t lock the darn door.  We’d been trying for about 15 minutes and got fed up with it.  Lena has gone over to Reception to drag someone back with her.  We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better if she does all the asking and enquiring cos once people find out she’s not English they can’t do enough for us.  I’ve even tried copying her accent but it doesn’t sound too good.

4.45.  Just come back from a long walk along the cliffs and I’m not feeling so fed up now.  They told Lena that someone would come over to fix the lock but they haven’t been yet.

We walked miles along the cliffs, well, we walked for fifteen minutes anyway, no it was longer than that, well, anyway, we walked.  Then we stopped to have a rest before climbing down to the beach and going back that way, when we strolled past five male type things and we all sorta got talking.  They’re a mad lot, really funny.  They come from somewhere in the Richmond area.

After about half hour we all walked back along the beach.  I’ve actually been paddling.  I had trousers and shoes on, but I’ve been in the water.  We’ve arranged to meet them in the bar tonight.

I’ve never seen anything so breath-taking as this view around here.  From our chalet window we can see the cliffs and the water.  The camp is in the middle of the bay and you can see Weymouth poking out at one side.  It’s really something.


Monday 6 pm

12.30 am  this morning we went for a walk along the cliffs.  We couldn’t see much but the whole impression was gorgeous.  We could see the lights of Weymouth reflected on the water and hear the sea on the beach below us.  With that and the noise of the grasshoppers it was like the scene from a film.  A murder film at that.

I did intend to send a letter for you to get on Wednesday and then one on Friday but those plans seem to have fallen through so I’ll keep adding to this.  I’ve just realised it’s the last letter I’ll ever send to Cyprus.  Isn’t it marvellous!

            Wednesday 11.20 am

            Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed myself so much in all my life.  We’re having a fabulous time, you’d never believe.

I haven’t got much time for loads of details.  I’ve just got up and if I don’t show myself soon they are liable to come and wreck the chalet.

We have ganged up with a crowd of about twenty.  They are marvellous types, jolly good fun.

I’ll start from the beginning.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty boring really.  We were meeting people alright but just enough to be able to say hello when we saw them again, then suddenly we sorta found ourselves in with this huge gang.  No one had known everyone in the beginning, they had just congregated down here.

Last night was the best so far.  We had a barbeque on the beach.  We spent most of the evening collecting wood but had to pack up when it got too dark.  It was scary climbing down the cliff in the dark. The boys had a good idea though.  They formed a chain and helped the girls down.  We were a bit annoyed because they wanted the food down there before us.  It was funny.  We had all gone to the bar, had a drink and one by one walked out with the glasses.  There was a 5 bob whip for the chicken and the cider, sausages and crisps we had.  The security bloke who is supposed to keep the chalets quiet at night, is well in with us so he whipped boxes of cheeses and rolls for us.

The barbeque was marvellous.  One of the boy’s – Roger – college friend lives in Weymouth so he was invited, with his guitar.  I’ve never heard anyone play so well, and he’s got a good voice to go with it.


The party left the beach about three and the guitarist Dave and Terry, who was driving him back to Weymouth hung around for a while.  Then at four o’clock Dave decided he must try to get home before his family got up.  As Lena and I didn’t feel tired we went with them.  We got back from Weymouth at precisely 5.55am after watching the sunrise.  We absolutely crawled into bed.

If I can stir myself enough I’m going to make my way down to the sports field.  They have Billy Wright down there for some reason or another.

I’m going to go home and say I’ve had a marvellous holiday.  I’ve even got rings under my eyes to prove it.  Feel, and look, an absolute wreck.  Still, we got 12 hours sleep in 48.   I suppose you can’t stay up all night and still look as fresh as a daisy, can you?

Must depart now.  See you Tuesday?  Love and millions of kisses.


Letters from Maureen Week 32: 13th - 21st August 1961

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