30th July 1961

July 30th 1961


Hello beautiful,

That’s the way to start a letter, with a good honest remark.  Another good honest remark is this ‘ere erk will set foot in Essex in just twenty one days time.  Am feeling very happy with life just now.  All the time I can imagine myself holding you once again.  You know Maureen, it’s not my father, friends or relations I am looking forward to, just Maureen Brown, that girl of my dreams.  Xx

Received another twenty pages from you on Saturday.  Must say, you sure can write a good letter.  Talking about letters, you say that you haven’t received any letters from me for one whole week.  This baffled me because I write every four days without fail.  The only conclusion is that one must have gone astray somewhere.  Perhaps that sounds a feeble excuse to you but anyway I trust the Post Office to have delivered it by the time this letter arrives.  Trusting soul, aren’t i?

Haven’t a great deal to write about which may or may not surprise you.  Saturday morning we had off, so we went swimming again.  (Knew that would surprise you!) To continue:  we went swimming just beyond the rocks at Hospital beach.  Of course, you don’t know where that is so I’ll give you a clue, it’s on the Cyprus coast.  We had a fair old time down there.  We bought a sugar melon en route and they are – in my own words – smashing.

In the afternoon one of the ‘living-out’ barons took me for a ride in his brand new Volkswagen.  We went down to the Plantation where we purchased some fresh grapes.  Bought about 7lbs of them for 2/- that afternoon, or should I say evening, yes, evening.  Anyway, that evening I had more friends than I could cope with.

Today, being Sunday has often been observed as the day of rest and that is exactly what I’ve done, after my early morning swim.  You might think that I’m conserving my energy for the big day and you would be dead right.

Did see a pretty good film Saturday night namely ‘No Love for Johnny’          an X film, starring Peter Finch.  Some of the scenes had me kicking my heels. Oh to be in England now that summer’s there!  Xx

Will close now sweetheart because quite honestly I haven’t a great deal to write about as you have probably guessed.  Right after this letter I’m gonna pop up to the NAAFI for a pint.  You can tell Jennifer that none of my sly girl friends will be present.  Come to think of it I’ve never seen a girl in the NAAFI anyway.

Goodnight my darling.  I love you very much as I shall soon prove.

Love          Alan

Ps Going to a party during the week.  Wanna come? xxxx

Letters from Alan Week 30: 30th July - 2nd August 1961

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