23rd April 1961

April 23rd 1961


Darling Maureen,

Had a fabulous time down in little ol’ Limasol last night.  Was feeling a bit depressed sitting in the billet and the Station Dance didn’t sound so attractive after all, so this ‘ere guy collects a few rusting airmen from the comfort of our ‘home’ and away we went.  We went to a bar called Andy Capps but we weren’t too keen on it there, so we moved on to the Supermarket.  This place was only recently built and boasts a fine club for members only.  However, we bowled in and ordered drinks.  The barman asked if we were members so I said that I was but my buddies were my guests who wanted to join, which they did later on my recommendation.  If only that barman knew that it was the first time I’ve ever been in the place, he might be kinda surprised.

The club really livened up just after eight with the arrival of a jazz band.  The club was really packed out by now with just enough room in the middle of the floor for a few couples to dance.  Had quite a mixture of drinks varying from gin, to whisky, vodka, Commandaria (a local wine) to the famous Keo.  But in spite of all this range of booze I wasn’t at all drunk but just delightfully merry.  When the jive music came on and that was the signal for me to pop around stealing other people’s wives for the duration of ye olde rocking and rolling.  Anyway, we left this place about ten o’clock not because we wanted to but my mate Jim had a few too many causing him to take his jacket off and sing at the top of his voice.  You might say that there is nothing wrong with a person singing at the top of their voice.  Well, on this occasion his songs were, shall we say, crude.  We caught a taxi down to Herres Square where we found a little bar to our liking.

We buzzed off just in time to see a running fight between a taxi driver and an engleeshman (as the Greeks say).  The bloke hadn’t paid his fare and managed to escape after a chase.  Later we found ourselves a taxi and headed back ‘home.’  That last word should be in the loosest possible way accepted.

The Station Dance was as expected a flop, according to information received from one disillusioned lad.  Apparently the females were out-numbered by about 50 to one, just as expected.

Had a long lie in this morning, though maybe you don’t agree that eleven is long but I am used to rising at six on work days.  It was real charming to just lie there thinking about the night before.  Think I must be turning lazy in my old age.  Actually I didn’t intend to get up at eleven but a couple of my so-called friends decided that because they were up then I should be up.   Life’s all go, isn’t it?

Went to the C.S.E.Show last Friday night.  It was pretty fair, much better than the previous one.  Reg Dixon came out with some fair old jokes mostly old.  Taking things by and large all things being equal etc. I enjoyed every minute of it.  The best joke in my humble opinion was his very last line, which went something like this. ‘ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for being a good audience and I would like you all to know that every penny collected here tonight will be placed in a small leather bag and paid into Barclays Bank.’  Certainly had everybody fooled, by the tone of his voice we thought he was going to give it to some charity.

Hope life is going well for you around Dagenham way, darling.  Summer will certainly brighten you up a bit.  Personally I always look forward to it and am not keen on winter at all.  Too darn cold.

Will close now darling.  All my love to you Maureen.  Remember always that you are everything to me.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 16: 18th - 23rd April 1961

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