11th July 1961

July 11th 1961


Hello darling,

It’s pretty warm here this evening.  What with that and the soft romantic music being played over the steam radio, well, it’s a perfect atmosphere for love and all that.  Wish you were right here now Maureen.  We could pop down to the beach for a midnight swim.

Went swimming this morning at Submarine Point. It’s called this because the rocks at this point are shaped like a conning tower.  Anyway, the water was really rough, the waves were about ten feet high (yes, I did measure them) and the current pulled fairly strongly.  I went in a few times because, for one: it was a challenge. Two: I was showing off to a few newly posted men.  Three: I don’t walk two miles without having swim.  Four: I’m stupid enough to try it.

Taking everything into consideration it was a morning well spent.  I was well armed with my Mickey Spillane book which made time fly by.  Why?  You may ask.  He is a first class writer in his class ie gangster.

Glad to say my tan has deepened a little.  However I assure you I won’t return looking like a local.  Tomorrow Blake here and young Paddy (he’s 28) shall again tempt the sea to lure our bodies away into the deep blue beyond.  You must excuse that last sentence.  Too much Spillane I think.

Paddy doesn’t swim very well but, believe me he makes up for it with talking.  You know Maureen I think I’m gonna miss this swimming lark when I come home.  That is about all I’ll miss though. It’s going to feel strange diving into a pool only 10 feet deep.

Played whist tonight – lost!  Yes, it is true, I haven’t spelt it wrong.  Never did like cards anyway!  Rumours that I don’t like losing are entirely untrue and you can ask the winners that are out there hiding in the bondu, the……

Darling Maureen I love you, wish these 40 odd days would disappear quickly.  Perhaps the air force feels the same way.

Now Miss Brown, reference to your letter/book of 25 tingling pages.  how can I thank you for such a masterpiece.

Seriously, your spaghetti meal sounded delicious.  Funny thing, when I wrote that, my tongue kept sticking to my cheek.!

You may read parts of my letters to the girls with my blessing darling.  Just hope they don’t bore them, that’s all.

Glad to hear that your friend’s father has finished building his outside toilet. Another big worry off his mind.  Sorry to hear you are making pyjamas.

You may tell Lena that I regard it as a pleasure to accompany her back to Gatwick.  I shall be on leave of course and have been to Gatwick myself so know the way and the air terminal well.

You guessed right for the tennis finals.  Angela (to her friends) beat Truman to make it in what might be her last chance.  You’re pretty good at guessing aren’t you.  Reckon you’ll have to fill in my pools for me.  Might give you a few bob if I win, then you will be able to buy me a gold watch or something. I’ll buy you a gold ring.

The party sounds like a pretty good idea.  If you did hold it then I would like to pay or help you pay for it.  It’s a touchy subject but I would prefer it that way.  By the way, you haven’t mentioned the party before.  Anyway, it’s a good idea.  It might be a little awkward with regards Carol’s boyfriend who also happens to be Michael’s brother, I believe.  Perhaps my facts are wrong but if I’m right it’s best that we don’t attend the same party otherwise there might be trouble.  What do you think about that?

The idea of two beautiful young ladies meeting me at Gloucester sounds very attractive.  Exactly what time we are released is rather vague.  Some people seem to think it’s about noon but that’s not certain.  Maybe I’ll be able to let you know in early August because quite frankly I don’t know myself.  I should have a better idea of things when my flying date is received.  Should my flying date be the 24th then it probably will be mid-day 25th.

Well darling must hit the sack now in order to gain some beauty sleep.  This boy of yours hopes to be down at the Point by 7.30 for another day of relaxation and peace.  Suppose I can kiss the peace goodbye with Paddy there but anyway it should be pleasant.

Having reached the grand total of eight pages I bid you goodnight with all the love my heart can muster.



Letters from Alan Week 27: 10th - 14th July 1961

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