19th April 1961 – continued

19th April 1961


            The recent excitement on the world scene centres on our friend Dr Castro in dear ol’ Cuba.  So far he says he is beating the rebels.  The rebels of course insist they are winning and are sending aircraft over Havana to drop a bomb here and there.  Personally I think that Castro has the power to crush them but am hoping that it doesn’t turn out that way.  He is reported to be a ruthless character who believes in that latest sport – ‘firing squad’.

Today received through the official mail my official date of demob, which is 25th August 1961.  It also says that 4244513 SAC Blake A.D. will be flown to the UK at least three days prior to this date.  At last the wheels are beginning to churn toward my release.  Yes, Maureen, won’t be long now, just a few more months.

Sorry to hear you weren’t in the best of health last week.  Hope my favourite girl is feeling much better now.  If you are feeling worse when you get this letter then drop me a line and I’ll pop home next weekend.  (you reckon!)

Darling, with regards to this chap Michael, although I hardly know him I do admire his choice of company.  Maureen, if he makes these otherwise empty months pleasant for you then it makes me feel appreciative towards him.  The very fact that you are honest enough to tell me about it satisfies any doubts in your love for me.  If you were to stop writing about it then it might make me feel slightly uneasy.

Haven’t much more to write about except I recommend you to read ‘Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and R.E.Lee.  it’s terrific.  That’s all I am going to say about it.

Going to close now my darling.  I miss you more and more and love Maureen Brown with all my heart.  And I mean every word of that.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 16: 18th - 23rd April 1961

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