11th April 1961

April 11th 1961




Hello Maureen.  How are you today?  Recovered from your exhaustive weekend I hope.  Don’t suppose you could have been more tired as I was first thing Monday morning.  Suppose it’s my own fault for playing too much football on Sunday.

Monday was quite a day because the kind sergeant was good enough to let yours truly have the afternoon off.  I tried writing a letter but words were hard to come by, so I gave up and went to the flicks.  It was that very old and fabulous ‘Shane’ we went again although we had all seen it years ago.  Naturally my friend at the door let me through for nix.

After seeing said film it was decided to enter our very first whist drive at the local R.C. Church.  We entered to find more women than men.  We all went to different tables after paying our entrance fees.  Was a bit nervous at first but after a few hands found that the standard of play was not beyond me.  Started off quite well in fact and was doing better than expected until the seventh hand when I was partnered by an idiot of a female.  She kept yapping away to me instead of concentrating on the cards.  My hand wasn’t so good but what tricks were obviously mine she trumped.  Sound technical perhaps if you don’t know the game but nevertheless it all adds up to a heavy beating.  Women!  Next time she comes my way I’m running.  She was very charming I suppose, good conversationalist but not the type to play with unless you have no desire to win.  I wasn’t at all surprised when she won the booby prize.  Mind you, it was a darn sight more than I won.

After this minor set-back we played steadily on but didn’t quite make it for a prize.  We had tea and biscuits half-way through.  This was a fine opportunity for the ladies to find out everybody’s life history and run-down different players etc.  Perhaps that is unkind because they were very sociable towards me and one of them gave me a list of whist drives taking place during the coming week.  We finally left the hall just after 10.30 arriving back around eleven.  But by the time we had our Ovaltine it was nearer 12.  Boy, was I tired

Didn’t feel at all bright this morning, not enough of ye olde kip.  Work was pretty slack thank goodness so it wasn’t too hard on my old brain.

This afternoon I joined the lads in yet another game of football.  You probably think I’m mad about football and whist but it’s just a passing phase you know.  One must pass the time somehow.  Pretty soon I’ll be dead keen on cricket or something.

My friend Mick has just bought a book on different card games.  It shows all the rules including your dad’s German Whist.  Reckon I had better clue up on it.

Hope everything is going fine at number ** and that your toasted cheese sandwiches aren’t dripping in those large fires of you father’s making.

This is terrible.  I am gradually falling asleep (you probably realised that after the word Darling on page one.)

Well darling.  Sorry about these few pages bit it’s late right now.  All I wanted to say in these few pages was that I love you darling and am looking forward for the next hundred odd days to slip away.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 15: 11th - 15th April 1961

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