24th July 1961

July 24th 1961


Hello again,

Here I am as per usual pondering on how to let you know the good news in the most amount of pages.  Should reach at least six pages tonight provided I write a load of uninteresting rubbish.

To start with darling, my flying date has finally come through from Command.  Am leaving Nicosia for uk on the 20th August on flight 191.  This is a charter flight meaning that the Brittania will probably land at Stansted, Essex.  This is almost certain according to friends that I have used.  My arriving on the 20th means that from Stansted I shall travel to Gloucester in order to clear up the final details of demob including handing in my blue uniforms etc.  It is possible that I shall be demobed before the 25th, possibly on the 22nd.  Seeing that everything is so uncertain with regards the final day it seems wise to cancel any arrangements you might have contemplated for the 25th.  This would save you a lot of messing about with trains etc.

When I leave Gloucester I shall go home first, wash, etc then head for              ** Parsloes Ave with all speed.  Allowing for British Railways super speed trains and everything else going to plan, I reckon to be giving you a great big kiss at 8.23pm + 15secs on the 22nd August 1961.  Knowing me and my determination this can work out to plan.  Boy oh boy it’s going to be great just seeing you again.  Wow, if you think you get frustrated imagine how I feel being kept here for seven long, lonely months.

Another possibility is that on the 20th when arriving at Stansted I might be able to make my own way to Gloucester via London.  If we have to go in a party then I have no hope of slipping home. Reckon you should be pretty confused by now.

This time next month this man of yours will be well and truly home.  As you can imagine these past few days I have been well and truly chuffed with just about everything.  Am walking about with a permanent smile on my face.  I made a great act of putting a few things in my suitcase ready for going home just to choke the lads off.

Now, what else is there? (excuse me talking to myself – it’s the heat I think)  oh yes, finished my leave last Sunday after spending most of it down the beach tanning and swimming. It was just great laying back there on the beach, the water was very warm and clear.  Paddy and I even had transport to call at the billet so that we didn’t have to walk there or back once.  What organisation it all was.

Have played two cricket matches since Friday.  The first was for the Squadron when I managed to make the terrific score of one – yes, one.  Don’t laugh please.  Our side were all out for a mere 35 runs.  Needless to say, we lost, again.  On Saturday a few of the lads decided to watch a match at the Station pitch between the NEAF WRAF eleven and a station eleven.  We were asked to play, so we did.  The WRAF’s made about eighty runs before being out.  We went into bat.  Rather, my friend Pete and myself, I took first over and knocked about sixteen.  After this impetuous outburst our captain decides to retire me.  This match was a pretty good one from all angles and you ought to have seen the angles of the WRAF’s.  It was most distracting but very interesting and great fun.

Paddy has recently bought a tape-recorder.  He has recorded top-twenty and anything musical that happens to come from ye olde steam radio.  Never seen him so happy as he’s been these past four weeks.

When Lena arrives at Gatwick she will have to go through the customs there.  The customs place is quite easily found.   From Gatwick Station you go up the stairs to the terminal which is immediately adjoining the station.  At the top of the stairs the customs place is dead ahead.  It might be advisable to ring the Head  Office of BEA or BOAC or whichever the airline concerned as to ascertain the procedure for passengers landing at Gatwick.  They would tell you whether or not she travels to London in the airline coach.  Afraid that’s all the advice I can give you darling.  Hope things work out ok.

About this party of yours.  First of all I must commend you for your splendid  diagnosis of the habits of courting couples in company.  Think the best thing would be for me to drag some of them away to the local to get them warmed up.  Thereby cutting the ice of meeting these new characters.

Talking about parties, I’m thinking of having one some time in early September.  This is just a thought as yet which will take shape when I’m home to organise it.  it is my idea to invite Ron and the boys to this one.  However, enough said about my wild ideas at present.

If your party does materialise and if your mother is worried about accommodating yours truly then I shall in all sincerity be quite happy to pop off home.

Am gonna be quite busy once I strike English soil again.  For one, the expensive task of buying new clothes including a new suit.  Still, I’ll come to those bridges when I come to them.

Afraid I must close now to rest my weary brain.

                           All my love


Letters from Alan Week 29: 24th - 28th July 1961

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