18th June 1961

June 18th1961


My Dear Maureen

Hello sweetheart.  How’s my favourite girl today?

My conscience tells me to write but the darn thing doesn’t tell me what to write about.  However, we shall see.

Had an entertainments meeting last Friday morning.  It was called mainly to arrange the details for the forthcoming barbeque which will probably be held on the 30th.  it seems this barbeque will be a great success.  Can you imagine it, a warm starry night in June with soft music and dancing going on. Blake supping wine and chewing chicken. I can hear the surf rolling up the sandy beach before disappearing into the night again, peaceful, beautiful, enchanting real life but a little lonely without you in spite of present company.  Maureen, I’m sure glad you went dancing on 4th January 1961.

Saw a very good film last night namely, ‘The Long, the Short and the Tall.’  Starring that terrific and favourite actor of mine Lawrence Harvey.  Don’t know if you have seen it but you should if you can.  The dialogue was very true to life, which made it very entertaining for the RAF bods stationed here.

Now Miss, answers to questions etc.  I shall be returning by myself.  The gang stay here until their respective tours are completed, probably with long faces and a hangover.  From Gloucester on demob there will not be a final parade as we will no longer be in possession of uniforms.  Which also answers your question about dress on leaving the camp for home.

Re the RAF and SE. The answer is in the latter I think, although I must admit I have had a most enjoyable and experiencing time in the mob.  I sometimes think that if we were married right now then I wouldn’t mind staying here a little longer because this place would be just great if you were with me.  Since being posted here I have managed to save a stack of dough for the future.  When working on the Stock Exchange, although well-paid, money and me always seemed to part, that is, up to a point.

However, the air force is cluttered up with idiots who lack basic common sense causing certain discomforts and annoyance in some aspects of service life.

My previous position on the Exchange was with a broker who took me over varied clerical positions in the trade.

Monday: played cricket this afternoon against the Catering Section.  They scored 85 but we managed to win with four wickets to go.  This bright charlie scored only five runs before being out to an easy ball that should have gone for six, but your Alan gave a very easy catch, so was pretty annoyed with myself for quite a time after.  I mean to say, it kinda spoils my average.

We have another match on Thursday against Technical Wing so perhaps you’ll win your five cigs yet.

Good film at the cinema today and tomorrow.  It’s about ten or so years old but I haven’t seen the ‘Glenn Miller Story’ yet.  So I reckon I will toddle along tomorrow night.

Will close now darling,

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 24: 18th - 25th June 1961

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