3rd July 1961

July 3rd 1961


Hello darling,

Thinks!  About time I wrote but have a good excuse because life is pretty interesting in this area just lately.  Since this Kuwait business started, thousands of soldiers have passed though this camp bound for the trouble spot.  They have been arriving from all parts of the island and seem to be heavily armed.  Some of them even pitched tents on the bondu outside the billet overnight before they went.

According to tonight’s news the 2nd Parachute Reg have arrived from here.  Many more soldiers of different regiments have gone to Eastleigh and Aden at the ready.  Today our billets were ‘invaded’ by scores of RAF bods direct from UK.  These are mainly medics and drivers who were dragged from their base camp on Saturday and sent straight here without even having the chance to say cheerio or anything to their folks.  They are leaving at half three tomorrow morning bound for Kuwait itself.  One of them has just told me that clerks are being sent as well.  However, don’t think they will drag this boy of yours away – famous last words.

Hope war doesn’t start dear.  War is such a stupid and dangerous game.  Personally I can’t imagine it because this Kassam character hasn’t a hope with us.  It has surprised me that we moved so fast.  Looks like I’ll have to eat my words about this mob being useless.

Aircraft have been using the runway steady now since last Friday.  Even now the engines are whining away as they come and go.

Our 48 hour pass was cancelled last weekend which didn’t please me any.  Although, I suppose it could be worse.  The flying Squadrons are working day and night, which is tough luck on them.  It’s so bad that even our cricket match was cancelled!


Wednesday 5th

Have been a bad boy and neglected to write to my favourite young lady.  However that is just one of my faults.   Not much has happened just lately.  Just a few more days that have crept silently into the background of my life.  I shall be very happy in 50 days from now.  Yes, my demob can’t come soon enough for little old Alan.  Reckon you have another 12 to 14 letters to come before then.  Provided my mates don’t keep dragging me into card games and away to the NAAFI.  There are four of us who stick together closely and although I don’t mind that, it’s sometimes inconvenient but I’m one guy who doesn’t like to refuse an invitation of pleasure.

Saw a good film last Sunday, called ‘the Big Country’ starring Gregory Peck and Jean Simmons.  Very old, I know, but it is the type of film I like.  If you haven’t seen it then I’ll probably bore you to tears with my account of it in the near future.  By the way Maureen, if my letters bore you, well, I’m sorry but that’s how life is here at the moment.

Paddy and myself have some leave next week and we intend to go swimming every day down at Lady’s Mile but we shall see.  It should give me the opportunity to do some sun-bathing.  Must think of that lush sun-tan I promised you.

Well, well.  The lads are back for another beating at cards so reckon I had better sign off sharpish.

Maureen, I love you very much.  You are everything to me darling.  I am looking forward to demob and most of all – you.

All my love, your


Letters from Alan Week 26: 3rd - 7th July 1961

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