19th April 1961

April 19th 1961




Anyone for tennis?  And all that jazz.  This afternoon yours truly took up his racquet for a few sets of this large type ping-pong game.  It was pretty good as well, in fact we quite enjoyed it and have made arrangements for a further game later this week.  It was fairly warm so we discarded our white shirts so as to catch some more suntan on our pink bodies.  ‘We,’ meaning Cliff and myself, played three sets which lasted over one and a half hours all together.  Mind you, we weren’t so fit by then.  Felt like dropping sometimes but it was a good game.  I think that I have played more tennis than him.  I managed to win but it was pretty close in the last match with me just winning by ten to his eight.  Right now my legs are rather stiff but guess I’ll just about survive for work tomorrow.

Talking about tennis, our Discipline Sergeant told me that my name has entered in the Admin Wing team by him, which was most thoughtful of him. (I don’t think.)  Only last week I had asked him if he wanted a game with me, now he does this to me.  Personally I reckon he is a right bum and the grin he gave me tells me he knows it.

Told him I wasn’t any good but the Sergeant likes to have his little joke (he has three kids).  He wants to play me sometime next week.  He doesn’t know what day he can make it because being married he has to get permission from the boss, commonly known as a wife.

Had a surprise earlier this week.  The Sergeant Orders gave a list of personnel who were to be on the annual A.O.C.in C. parade.  The surprise was that my name wasn’t included so it means that your buddy here misses the parade plus all the forthcoming rehearsals, which is most pleasing from my point of view.

From what I can see the Squadron can just about manage the number of personnel required with perhaps a few chaps left over.  If you remember in my previous letter I said that I volunteered for last week’s parade because I knew very well that I couldn’t escape it.  However, my friend the Discipline Officer has very kindly left me off the list forthwith.  I’ll thank him sometime later.  We seem to be able to talk quite frankly with one another.  We argue like hell sometimes but always reach a mutual agreement in the end.

Went to the supper meal on Monday night at the request of my latest friend the new Messing Rep.  Suppose he wanted some moral support so I went just for kicks.  Never been to this supper meal before but glad I did that night.  We went straight to the kitchen where we caught some of the off-duty cooks having a slap-up dinner.  They looked rather guilty but one of them very obligingly cooked us just what we wanted.  This could be called blackmail but who cares

On Saturday there is to be a Station Dance at the Airmens’ club.  This should be most interesting because them there females are very, very scarce and there must be nearly three or four thousand airmen on this Station.  However, some of us lads are going to have a ‘butchers’.  Probably be a laugh if nothing else.

Letters from Alan Week 16: 18th - 23rd April 1961

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