28th June 1961

June 28th 1961



This is that man of yours attempting another masterpiece, says he.  Maureen, did I ever tell you that you are beautiful?  Well, darling, you are.  And after these very original lines I’ll continue.

You know for a girl who says she hasn’t much to write about, you wade through a hell of a lot of pages, tell me dear, what is your secret?  Perhaps you drink Horlicks with a dash of gin, immediately before retiring for the night/morning or something.

Lady, I beg for forgiveness with regards not answering that long lost question about my kin.  Well, it’s a long story because I have four brothers and four sisters.  Really you should ask my pater because he started it all.

Brother Len is something of a mystery, one-time big shot in the Textile world, he turned to art and acting.  Have not heard from him lately so, like I say, he is a mystery even to me.

Marian writes about once a month and apparently she is enjoying life and always has plenty to say for herself.  She doesn’t say much about her love life, which I find strange for a female.

Kyrenia is a pretty fair place on the other side of the island.  The place is ideal for a holiday and some people think it is the best part of Cyprus.

Moral Leadership Course is exactly what it says.  Paddy is the sort of chap who goes to church every evening.  He is one of the best chaps I have ever known.

Mick who at one time was writing to that rich Canadian girl no longer writes to her and he no longer receives any letters from her so, looks like everything turned out fine in the end.  He went home on leave last month to see his wife and daughter.  His wife said she didn’t love him once he was home. He was a bit put-off by this, as you can imagine.

I haven’t heard from friend Harry so the arrangement for travelling from Gloucester by car cannot be confirmed.  Afraid I shall have to slum it by British Railways unless I can make some other arrangement in the near future.  This lad has friends he hasn’t even used yet so will contact Ron to see if he would like a little drive.  Well Maureen, will close now.  Remember always, I love you.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 25: 25th - 30th June 1961

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